Monday, November 26, 2012

The possibility to watch porn on iPhone

Tablet and other mobile devices seem to be one of the most important things in our lives nowadays. Right now, there are so many people who own mobile tablet computer device such as iPhone and many others. With the internet connection that can be enjoyed from iPhone, porn for iphone has become something that is not impossible anymore. With the internet connectivity attached in the iPhone and other mobile gadget, you can now visit the internet no matter where you are. As long as you are able to connect with the internet, there are thousands of porn websites that you can visit when you are with your iPhone. However, it seems that not all of the porn websites in the internet that you can visit with your mobile devices, especially one that is made by Apple because they are not supported with Flash Player. However, if you are an iPhone user, you do not have to be afraid for not being able to visit those sites because you are still able to visit other websites that support iPhone.
There are so many websites in the internet that is made able to be visited by using iPhone. One of the examples is is actually one of the most famous online porn video sharing that you can find on the internet. If you want to enjoy some porn video for free, this is the best place for you to get them. However, you have to remember that you have to be at least 18 years old to visit this site. This is the minimum age criterion that you need to obey unless you want to have some problems with your parents and police. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy porn in iPhone, you can go to this website now!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Suffering Financial Hardships Gain Control With Wealth Creation Education

Another fine mess we have gotten ourselves into....what I was saying to myself less than a year ago. A time when the average American is spending $1.05 for every dollar they make. No job or pension is safe and the daily news brings more pessimism on the future.
 The first step in recovery is called RESPONSIBILITY. A quote from the book "A Travelers Gift" by Andy Andrews, "The buck stops here, I am responsible for my past and my future." I made all of the decisions that got me where I am today and I will make decisions and take the action necessary to change it.
Second earn more income and that part has never been a problem for me. I am motivated, willing to work and am very coachable. That is all it takes. I have always looked for something that someone else is doing (a system) that is getting the results I want and then I duplicate their efforts and no surprise, get similar results. That is the subject for another article.
Third, do not make the same mistakes of the past; learn how to manage my own finances and especially retirement. We have been in the position of entrusting other people with our money, thinking that they will know better how to take care of it then we will, not. That is the biggest part of how I got here. Not playing the victim, just realizing that I needed to get educated about money and creating wealth and take care of my own.
That is what brought me to Wealth Masters International and the wealth acceleration program. It was easy to choose this one, because it was a home study course, gave me full control and the ability to take the action needed to accomplish the following:
1.       Save over $200,000 in interest on my mortgage, credit cards, auto loans...any and all debt...  
2.       Become debt free in 8-12 years or less.  
3.       Eliminate interest that would have otherwise gone to the bank.  
4.       Gain a fresh start in every area of my life.
The number one thing it made me do is to find out where I was right then. Put everything down on paper for an objective evaluation and plan. I can laugh about it now, because my financial situation has changed, but when I first entered all of my information this is the message that came on the screen...
"Seek Professional Financial Consultation Immediately"
The truth is that is what I needed based on my income to that point. The problem that I see with most of us is, when we are earning great income, we do not find it important to watch our finances closely and then when it goes away, we don't want to look because we are afraid of what we might find.
Staying in the dark is not the answer. We can no longer count on other people to take care of our money. With knowledge comes power and control, which is really any of us wanted over our own lives. Financial freedom is the ultimate goal and that starts with financial education. 
The wealth master's acceleration program was the answer for me. You can get a link to more information in my bio.
The decisions you make today are the foundation of your future. Make it a great life. 
I was 52 year old baby boomer, my retirement plan died with the stock market and my 20 year six figure income dried up with mortgages. Now 80K in debt no real world job skills, I turned to the internet....
It seemed too good to be true, but I received it in the mail, set up as instructed and was making money the first week. The system is a simple online business opportunity and easy to use. There is support and ongoing training by those members that are already having success and been recognized as the top internet marketing trainers in the world.
All that is great, but if you asked me what I like most about this online business opportunity, it gave new passion to my life and the freedom to enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Online Entertainment Educational Or a Threat to Your Child's Safety

Are parents giving their children the best start in life by allowing online entertainment to take place in the home i.e. video - music and game downloads.
The internet is definitely without doubt the biggest global information centre. Online education is welcomed by parents so that their babies can be taught from an early age - or for the older child to better themselves. But, how many parents welcome online entertainment. Sadly due to stories we hear about kids and what they get up to on the internet leaves many parents in a predicament - where decisions have to be made regarding the child's safety.
Lessons for toddlers online will normally include pictures and music so they can focus better. However, online entertainment will also include pictures and music keeping the older child focused too and especially more so if the wrong pictures are showing. But the good news is, mom and dads are now in a position to point their child in the right direction with the option of parental control.
Online entertainment can be very educational but on the other hand depending on the online activity taking place it can also be threatening to a child's safety. Parents worry every time their kids log on to the internet, but how do you tell a child they can not play their favourite tunes or games without an animosity build up. Well the approach on this matter will depend on how a parent sees the situation and feels fit to deal with it.
Children can learn a lot of things from online entertainment, so why not spend a little time with your child while their presence is on the net. The kids will love company and enjoy having you at their side. If time is an issue to play games then "you" choose the websites that you feel is suitable for the child to visit in your absence, this will put your mind at rest. There are many websites offering free music - games and film video downloads - however there are also bogus ones which fail to deliver their promise. Let your kids learn while having fun under your supervision. Yet another lesson in learning is, to teach your child how to safely download files and by doing this you have protected them furthermore because you did it for them.
Not every parent wants to hear this but it is not the inappropriate material that pops up on the computer screen which is the real threat to our kids, it is from those who take advantage. Unfortunately kids are vulnerable and easily led into revealing personal information about them self. Teenagers are especially at risk, because some choose to ignore parental warnings. Stop Inappropriate material i.e. obscene photos from being displayed with regular adult supervision, or only allowing parental lists of approved sites,
When teaching young children you will find that there are ways to configure Microsoft Internet Explorer so that only approved can be visited. It is best to have a second computer for the older child who is studying because they will need to access other sites for their research. If you only have the one computer then this action can be disabled at any time. Online entertainment downloads for all the family can be found below. One of the most popular and sought after entertainment centres for children and adults is the Sony play station 3 games console, in abbreviation PS3.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Audio Books can Help You Get a University Education

Brian Tracy is one of America's top business speakers and he used a phrase that I thought was quite appropriate in today's technological age.
"University on Wheels."
What he was talking about when using this phrase was the valuable knowledge that can gained by listening to professional audio books while driving to and from work every day.
It is well known that many people spend as many as 2 or more hours each day traveling to and from work.
What do they do during this time?? Some people listen to music, others just let their mind wander off into the abyss with their own daydreams. Either way they are spending hours each day doing nothing, effectively. However, there is something that can be done to change this.
Let me share an interesting bit of information with you.
Did you know that listening to the right professional audio books as you travel to and from work every day could give you the equivalent to a university education within some years??
Now, your first reaction may be to doubt this statement, but let me explain my reasoning behind the thought.
Many university students are only required to spend an average of 10 hours per week attending lectures. After several years, depending on the degree, they are handed their degree.
So what are they doing during these 10 hours a week??
They are listening to the lecturers!!!
Therefore, using audio books you can get similar information on the subject that you choose to learn about, and hear it all while you are doing something that has to be done every day anyway.
Now, don't get me wrong... I realize that this sort of learning is not going to be the exact equivalent of a university degree... there is more to gaining a degree than listening to a lecturer and repeating what they have said at the end of the semester, so unfortunately there are not any universities that will hand you a certificate once you have listened to a series of audio books but you will have gained a huge amount of information on your chosen topic and you did not have to take hours out of your busy schedule to read the information. You gained this new knowledge just by driving to and from work as usual and listening to the book.
Also, this new knowledge of yours is more likely to be retained as it was a specific topic that you chose to learn about because you were interested in it.
Even more good news follows, because there are, in fact, certain professional audio book series that will send you an exam to sit once you have listened to the set. Once completed the audio book company can issue you with a certificate of completion, which, in some cases can be used as confirmation of your expertise in that area.
So, now that I have told you all of this, are you going to continue to "waste" your valuable time on your daily commute?
I challenge you to use those hours to learn a new skill or get informed on that subject that you have always been interested in.
Just ask yourself what topic has always fascinated you, jump onto the internet and look it up. You are more than likely to find an audio book that you can download immediately and therefore, begin your education on your next trip to work.
Don't forget that audio books are portable. They can be copied onto cd for use in a car or a portable cd player as well as mp3 players. This means that you can listen to your audio books in more places than on the trip into work. Try listening to it while exercising or even doing the housework. There is plenty of activities you do every day that can now become more valuable.
A website that I recommend for audio books. They have a massive range of books, fiction and non-fiction.
There is no membership needed, therefore no monthly fee that is charged by many other sites.
There is also no software to download to use their audio books. So the only thing taking up room on your hard drive is the audio book itself.
It is an easy 3 step process to download the audio book you choose, and there is a full support staff on hand to answer any questions you may have.
So what are you waiting for?? Start gaining new knowledge today!!!
Angela Bryson is a mother of 3 young children. She now works from home, internet marketing, so she can find a good balance between work and family life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Educational Crisis Is Creative, Passionate, Happy Teachers

I come from a long line of teachers. These women were creative, passionate, joyful, multidimensional human beings out of necessity. That's what it takes to be a really good teacher, and they were some of the best. They loved their students and their work. They believed in the children they taught. My grandmother taught in a one room school house when she was a young woman in Iowa. I loved listening to her stories and
all the different things she had going on in one room with children of so many different ages and abilities.
When I was in graduate school I would tell her that it sounded impossible to do the things she did with so many children. Grandma Rose would laugh deep and often. She would tell me her favorite saying "Life is messy and chaotic at best". She also said teaching reminded her of riding a roller coaster. Sometimes its easy. Sometimes its scary. But it is always thrilling and joyful if you just hang on and go for the ride.
As human beings we are hard wired to smile, jump, run, laugh, giggle, explore and ask why throughout our lives. Being too serious for too long is not only boring, it is bad for us physically, mentally and emotionally.
We have trillions of cells that create, maintain and renew our bodies and brains every second of the day.
Laughter and using your creative energy is vital to main balance in every aspect of your life.
Teachers are being made to feel powerless and stressed out on a daily basis in their classrooms, and in the news. Teachers are amazing, loving, giving, creative care givers of this planets most precious resource, our children. Recently I have reading a several great books that I would highly recommend to any teacher interested in creativity. The Element - How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Sir Ken Robinsion and Creative Thinkering by Michael Michalko. These books are filled with research that shows us how creativity and the body mind connection balances human beings of all ages.
Balanced, happy, passionate teachers have more influence that any other single human being in a child's life. They spend hours everyday with the children of this planet. There are so many great teachers in the educational systems around the world. It is time for them to make their voices heard in and out of the classroom. An educational revolution is in the making. It is my hope that revolution is created by balanced, informed, strong, happy, professionals who understand what real life long education is about. We need long term vision, not short sighted solutions for a few, that will improve and heal our systems for the children who trust us to take care of them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cross the Financial Hurdle for a US Education

SO you've got or think you will get admission into a college of your choice in the US. Now what? The next question many students struggle with is how to pay for it.
The number of students from India studying at colleges and universities in the United States rose to a total of nearly 105,000 during the 2009/ 10 academic year, according to a report published annually by the Institute of International Education (IIE) with support from the U. S. Government.
But, the report goes on to say, 62 per cent of international students in the US funded themselves with only 38 per cent finding funds from other sources. In other words, competition for financial aid is intense. Aid comes in three main formats - full or partial scholarships, teaching or research assistantships where you work a set number of hours a week in exchange for tuition waivers and a stipend, or loans, which often require a guarantor, usually in the US. And who gets the coveted aid? It seems that winning financial aid has become somewhat of an entrepreneurial endeavor. While merit still rules, careful planning, calculated risk taking, positioning and resourcefulness have become critical.
Let's begin with where the money comes from. The top sources for aid were US colleges and universities (24 per cent), current employer (5.2 per cent) and home government or university (4.6 per cent).
Pure Science and Engineering subjects have higher demand, than say, something like education. So getting an assistantship is easier. Your schools ranking is important - most of the top schools are well funded. Where the school is located will also make a difference. The same money, which pays your tuition and part of your rent in New York, will buy you tuition, rent, groceries and leave you with leftovers in Ann Arbor. It pays, then, to carefully research the schools on your list and position yourself accordingly - what kind of funding they have offered in the past, their ranks for your field of study, their location, how many international students they take in every year, whether the school is private or public, their size of undergraduate population and their areas of research (an indication of research assistantships).
For PHDs, most universities are dying to get good students so they compete to give aid. A full scholarship sounds wonderful but is not always the option. Many students take the approach of a patchwork of different kinds of aid instead of one big grant.
Others decide to take the risk of sponsoring themselves or taking a loan for a year, transitioning to scholarships or assistantships in a few semesters. As you start your search, most recommend a broad, pull out all the stops search. Start with the universities website or admissions package, visit websites and offices of US and Indian foundations (such as United States India Educational Foundation and the Tata Scholarships), reach seniors in your target universities through social networks such as LinkedIn or your college's alumni associations, ask your professors for recommendations, write to professors (or professor's assistants) in your target university who are conducting research in your field of interest.
And in the midst of all this, beware of 'paid services' or scams out to get you and your personal information. The good news is that funding for international students from US colleges and Universities has actually increased by 9 per cent in the last year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Difference Between a Mennonite School and Public Education

The core of all schools is the same: It's about educating the youth of a generation to take over in the future as the primary driver of your culture. What you teach them, and how, is what makes to difference.
In public schools, the "what" is everything from history, math, and language to geography and physics. As a child progresses and eventually enters higher education such as high school or post secondary, they eventually get to choose almost every single subject they study. The goal is to let them decide what they want to do and who they want to become.
The time they spend in school can vary quiet a bit but usually goes well into their teenage years.
Mennonite children on the other hand learn only three distinct subjects: Math, Language and most importantly, Bible. These are the cores of what they'll ever need in the community so there is no reason to waste time on frivolous topics such as arts or philosophy. All the Mennonite children in will spend their entire school career in a one classroom building with all the other students.
The years spent in school are much less though. On average, most students will attend school until they are roughly 12 - 13 years old. After that, it's time to work on the family farm.
The main and most important difference between the two forms of education is the "how." In the public system, the goal is to teach the adolescents to think. They are challenged to defend a position, form an opinion or argue a view. This is often done in the form of an essay: a way to structure their thoughts. There is not always a right answer but rather a thought to be pondered.
Mennonite schools in comparison teach children how to follow. A child is not asked, nor encouraged to have an opinion of their own. The goal is teach them the basics they need to get by in life and work on the family farm. Also, if they were taught to think, they might ask questions. A big no no. If the child was taught to reason they might have questions regarding the Mennonite lifestyle and having people question your culture can create divisions and separations. Bad News.
So, in order to continue the Mennonite lifestyle, the community has learnt that they need the sheep to follow rather than lead. Allow someone to stand on their own two feet and they may walk of in their own direction. Never good for a closed community looking to thrive from within.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life Is Not Fair And That Is Great News

"Life is not fair!" This is a phrase commonly used by pessimists, the eternally negative, and the people who actually gain pleasure from thinking that the world is against them. And it's 100% true. Life really is not fair but guess what? That is great news!
Life Really Is Not Fair
If life was "fair" then everyone would have the exact same life. We would all work the same job, get paid the same amount, live in the same size house, drive the same car, and have the exact same chance at having fun. Zero.
Life is not designed to be fair for all and quite frankly it would suck if it was. If life was fair then what incentive would there be to try new things? Would you be motivated to start your own business and/or work 60 hours a week if you knew you were going to get the exact same reward as the guy who plays guitar and surfs all day? Hell no! (Not to mention the fact that if you were working 60 hours and some guy is not then that breaks the whole "fairness" rule anyway...)
In a world where everything was fair then education, skills, attitude, and experience would count for nothing because everyone would be rewarded the same. In fact society as we know it would cease to exist. No one would want to work in those high-stress jobs, no-one would be motivated to achieve more than the average, and science and technology advances would stop (or at least drop off significantly). Things are not meant to be fair and it is technically impossible anyway so its best if you start accepting that life is not fair. Besides that is actually a good thing.
When people cry about life not being fair they are doing so because on a deeper level they enjoy living with a "me vs the rest of the world" attitude. They like complaining about their situation and making it out like they have no control because it makes them feel like their life has been defined by some higher power. A higher power that they can blame, and people love being able to blame someone else.
But life is not like that. Life definitely is NOT fair but it is also not a zero-sum game. It is not a competition. When someone has some success in their life there is not an exact counter-balance of negativity for someone else. For you to make $1000 today, someone else does not have to first lose $1000. That is not how the world works. Your life, and its "fairness", is the sum of all YOUR actions and is not dependent on anyone else.
Find Success in Unfairness
Everyone can achieve success and happiness but only those that realise it is up them (and not pre-determined by god, fate, or any other belief system) will actually do it. These people are the ones that understand that, because life is not fair, they can stack the odds in their favour.
When you understand the positive implications of life being unfair you start to see the world in a new light. Instead of complaining about your situation, or comparing your lot in life to that of others, your mind begins to focus on creating scenarios that are in your favour. New opportunities are presented, ideas are developed, and the possibilities become almost endless.
So, next time you hear someone mutter those wonderful words - "life is not fair" - you should smile and remind yourself that it is completely and utterly true, but that it just means that you can rig life so that it is always working in your favour.
Life is not fair and that is great news!
Zac Sky is a 27 year old entrepreneur, consultant, writer, motivator, data geek, and sports-lover, with a mindset for being positive, loving life, and experimenting. He is the author of " - Positive Happiness" a blog dedicated to personal development, productivity improvement, and lifestyle freedom.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recession Unemployment and LMS Education

It seemed that there was some good news for job seekers when the employment data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on April 1st reported that the private sector added 230,000 jobs in March, adding jobs for the 13th consecutive month. The unemployment rate fell in March to 8.8%.
However, also in March, government employment fell by 14,000, making it the fifth straight monthly decline. And local governments were especially affected, losing 416,000 jobs since the peak in September of 2008.
Although job gains are getting better, it is still exceptionally difficult for the unemployed to find work. There are almost five job seekers for every opening available.
Unemployment is highly stressful and emotionally exhausting, but it can also be an opportunity to reflect on your skills and long-term goals, and take action. If you are unemployed, you might take this time to build on your skills and expand your marketability.
Especially for women, further education helps while seeking employment to fight the gender disparity that remains an active element in the work force. For many women either working, raising children, or seeking employment, an LMS online program is not only the most attractive option, but the only one feasible one.
The increasingly financially crippling expenses of brick and mortar university education is enough to make anyone seek alternatives, but especially those with mouths to feed, bills to pay, etc.The low cost combined with the flexibility of online courses make it the fastest-growing learning method in the world.
Surprisingly, many women are finding post-recession time to be the most difficult financially. During the recession, men lost more jobs than women overall. However, now that the recession is over, and we are supposedly enjoying an economic recovery, women are losing more jobs. Why is this the case? Part of the reason is government funding-state money has been quickly running out. Government payrolls are shrinking, programs are being cut, and jobs are being eliminated left and right.
So how are women more affected by state budget cuts? Women make up some 57% of the government work force. And among the public jobs that were cut recently, two-thirds of them were held by women.
Another factor is nothing new. Despite affirmative action and other efforts to balance the inequality between men and women in the workplace, gender biases still have a place in society. Specifically, the "breadwinner bias" still holds sway. When given a choice between a man and a woman, historically a female's income has been considered supplementary, despite the case that more and more women are the full breadwinners of their homes.
LMS online training is helping to bridge the gender gap and equip job-seekers with the skills they need to find employment. However, without a concerted nation-wide effort in both the private and public sector to generate more work, education alone isn't enough to solve the unemployment problem.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recent Competition In The Education

The Education Industry in Australia is one of those quiet earners. Year on year we have seen improvements, but after incidents of last year, we have seen that our market can easily go away. Whether to learn English or more advanced studies, students have many other choices than Australia. With a low US dollar, countries like Canada and the USA are much more competitive on the international market and the next few years will see a heating up as countries like China do their best to keep students in their own country. What is Australia doing about it?
  • Visa process. The process of getting a student visa is still slow and a little complicated compared to some other countries, and a shake up is required. Although requirements for some countries such as India and China have been lowered, it is important that we see improvements in the actual process. The industry is currently waiting on government reports and recommendations on this issue that should be released in the middle of this year. Other countries such as the UK and New Zealand have much lower visa fees and also do not require students to have money in the bank for the whole course - requiring only to show they can support themselves for a year. This is a more realistic option.
  • Study type. Countries like Canada are targeting India with a broader and easily accessible trade and community courses. Australia has seen a decline in these types of students as a result. Australia saw a recent fall of around 10% in these types of English and trade studies. These can often be bigger money earners than marketing courses and other higher-end studies.
  • Bad press and losing India. The bad press in 2010 problems of Indian students being the target of racial hate and attacks has meant a real disaster for Australia. Applications have seriously plummeted. What is Australia going to do about this to make it more appealing again? The USA and Canada have capitalised on this right when their dollars are cheaper. Indian student numbers will be less than 50% of what they were.
  • Loss of fees and schools closing. Did you know that over 15 private colleges closed in 2010 and over 3000 students were affected - many of them losing their fees. In an industry where people are choosing a country, there is an obligation that must be met by the country to guarantee the welfare of the students. We are selling our country and not just its education.
  • Immediate effect. It must be understood that the drop in students coming to Australia has an immediate effect on many jobs and many lives in Australia. It is not just the economy that suffers. People who have invested their lives in the industry are having their lives shattered.
  • Pathway to permanent residency. There is always the issue that many students use it as a pathway to a residency visa. Is this not fair in itself? If people are investing many years of their life with substantial financial investment, and they have good qualifications, then why should they not be allowed to stay? We are living in an international world and the more diversified Australia becomes, the better off it will be. Australia needs to grow up and take a more international approach to the students and their future, just like Canada, the USA and Britain do.
If Australia does not make serious changes to its attitude we will continue to see other countries take advantage of the current situation further. We are at a crucial turning point. If it was another industry such as mining, it would be all over the news.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Political Correctness in Education Has Gone Too Far

There are lots of reasons why parents home school their kids. Some feel the schools aren't safe, and it's true some are not. Some parents worry about drugs, some worry about bullying. Yes, indeed, those can be factors. But the main reason home schooling exists is because many parents do not trust the public schools anymore. They don't trust the schools to teach their kids correctly, the right information, or do it in the way they would with integrity, decency, and honesty.
Political correctness in our schools is also a reason I hear when I interview home schooling parents, and interestingly enough, over the years I've talked to 100s all over America. But how bad is the PC world of education these days? Well, some parents get irate when explaining some of the stories and experiences they've encountered. And in listening to their critique, well, I cannot say I much blame them.
In fact, in a story I almost cannot believe which was printed in an E-School News article Titled; "White-washing of Literary Classics Paints Controversy" in the February 2011 edition there was an article where "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was actually modified as to not offend black students. Yep, they modified Mark Twain's work. Can you imagine modifying a literary classic like that, and then having the kids read it without telling them it has been modified? Talk about lack of integrity! I am appalled.
But it brings me to another point, you ought to have your home-schooled children also read; "Lies My Teacher Told Me" as part of their at home curriculum as well. It just blows me away that we can have adults in our educational system pull something so childish. And if it really is "that bad" having a book with a black-slave in it, then just don't have them read it at all, but modifying it, changing anything is absolutely unethical in every way - but it's even worse, because the educational system which demands ethical students is doing it.
What does this teach our children I ask? Scary stuff indeed, but luckily the story was picked up by CNNs Anderson Cooper and played on TV to get the word out. Could it get any worse you wonder? Sure it could, especially when everyone plays along and no one stands up and says; "Hey, wait just one minute here!"
Well, I hope you've enjoyed today's topic, and I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Forex Trading Education

A prospective forex trader would be well advised to spend a little time researching a respectable currency trading course. Of course he or she will want to start making money as soon as possible, but forex trading is risky, and if they do not get a good foundation they could easily be losing pots of cash instead. Currency price movements are not easy to predict, and a trader needs to take many factors into consideration. In addition, it is imperative to open and close trades at the right moment to get maximum profit from any price variation. If a trader tries to work all of this out for themselves it will take a lot of time.
It would be ideal if the forex trading course covered all the necessary principles of foreign exchange trading, and beneath you will discover my recommended list of what I would expect to find in a quality course.
1. Principles of currency trading
Any high-quality currency trading course will make clear the fundamental principles of the forex market including leverage and margins, pips, spread and other costs, and what to look for in a broker.
2. Technical analysis
The understanding of charts and other indicators is known as technical analysis. The trader uses these to spot signals to buy or sell, such as trends or swings. Different systems rely on different indicators. Consequently, an investor would not require to learn all indicators, but just those which were significant to his or her system. At a later date, a trader's system may change, so it would be convenient if the currency trading course could be looked at yet again later on. This would permit an investor to alter his or her system relatively effortlessly.
3. Fundamental analysis
Fundamental analysis relates to the financial news, announcements and other events which affect foreign currency prices. In the end, it is each country's economic performance which causes the value of its currency to change. One does not need to be able to foresee all these events. It is quite normal for traders to avoid the market at these times. But it is vital to understand how the process works and keep an eye on the alerts for anything that might influence trading.
4. Risk management
Risk management concentrates on minimizing losses through the use of stops, and protecting income by limiting the position size. In general risk on any one trade should never be more than 5% and many traders work on 2%, 1% or even less. Fund size has a great effect on risk, and one should reduce it as funds increase. Anything over 5% is pretty much guaranteed to wipe out funds. A trader may feel like taking a chance for quicker growth on a small fund but wiping out their funds is not a good way to go!
5. Mindset
Forex trading education is worth little if it does not cover the most essential aspect of all which is mindset. Ultimately, if a trader does not take the time to comprehend the mindset of a successful trader, they will not be in a position to profit from the market.
Self-discipline is the key. Without this, emotions such as fear, greed or excitement will take over and money will be lost. A trader must also be able to handle losses, and not allow them to get the better of them. Of course risk management will always help, however patterns of behaviour can be established if emotions are permitted to take over, and this will lead to losses. A good forex trading course will include teaching and exercises to help a new trader master the art of self-discipline and keep their emotions off the trading floor.