Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Online Entertainment Educational Or a Threat to Your Child's Safety

Are parents giving their children the best start in life by allowing online entertainment to take place in the home i.e. video - music and game downloads.
The internet is definitely without doubt the biggest global information centre. Online education is welcomed by parents so that their babies can be taught from an early age - or for the older child to better themselves. But, how many parents welcome online entertainment. Sadly due to stories we hear about kids and what they get up to on the internet leaves many parents in a predicament - where decisions have to be made regarding the child's safety.
Lessons for toddlers online will normally include pictures and music so they can focus better. However, online entertainment will also include pictures and music keeping the older child focused too and especially more so if the wrong pictures are showing. But the good news is, mom and dads are now in a position to point their child in the right direction with the option of parental control.
Online entertainment can be very educational but on the other hand depending on the online activity taking place it can also be threatening to a child's safety. Parents worry every time their kids log on to the internet, but how do you tell a child they can not play their favourite tunes or games without an animosity build up. Well the approach on this matter will depend on how a parent sees the situation and feels fit to deal with it.
Children can learn a lot of things from online entertainment, so why not spend a little time with your child while their presence is on the net. The kids will love company and enjoy having you at their side. If time is an issue to play games then "you" choose the websites that you feel is suitable for the child to visit in your absence, this will put your mind at rest. There are many websites offering free music - games and film video downloads - however there are also bogus ones which fail to deliver their promise. Let your kids learn while having fun under your supervision. Yet another lesson in learning is, to teach your child how to safely download files and by doing this you have protected them furthermore because you did it for them.
Not every parent wants to hear this but it is not the inappropriate material that pops up on the computer screen which is the real threat to our kids, it is from those who take advantage. Unfortunately kids are vulnerable and easily led into revealing personal information about them self. Teenagers are especially at risk, because some choose to ignore parental warnings. Stop Inappropriate material i.e. obscene photos from being displayed with regular adult supervision, or only allowing parental lists of approved sites,
When teaching young children you will find that there are ways to configure Microsoft Internet Explorer so that only approved can be visited. It is best to have a second computer for the older child who is studying because they will need to access other sites for their research. If you only have the one computer then this action can be disabled at any time. Online entertainment downloads for all the family can be found below. One of the most popular and sought after entertainment centres for children and adults is the Sony play station 3 games console, in abbreviation PS3.


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